Beatrice Lozza
1977 born in Pretoria, lives and works in Zurich
2014 MA Fine Art Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London

«I investigate the perception of space. I am interested in the sculptural qualities of empty space, which is also referred to as negative space or white space. I explore what is perceived as emptiness as a concrete form and a sensual experience.

Energy is material, space is figure. My works are recordings of a performative process in which I dance with the void, with all senses, at rest and in movement. I dance until borders between body and space dissolve. Emptiness is not nothing, but emptiness is space, which expands and contracts in quiet density—phenomena which exceed far beyond my field of vision. The constant transformation refuses a straight perceptual process. At the edge of the invisible, the vibration of the void can be experienced.

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